Guest Post at Sweet Box of Wonderful: Three Steps To Better Loving Yourself

Today, I’m pleased to have a guest post at Sweet Box of Wonderful, a new blog by my friend, Latoya Heard.

Please read my post, “Three Steps To Better Loving Yourself,” and take a few minutes to check out Latoya’s new blog!

About a week before Christmas this year, I had a meltdown. Having run myself ragged taking care of my home and family and preparing for the holidays, I was done. I was tired and discouraged.

And I hated myself.

When my husband asked what was wrong, I simply said, “I don’t like what I’ve become—I am the maid, the cook, the accountant, and the chauffeur. Everyone takes me for granted and I have no idea who I am or what I like anymore.”

It was a pivotal moment for me. I’ve always thought of myself as someone who was really good at carving out “me time” as all the books and magazine articles say I should do. But I had fallen woefully short of doing so during the last couple of years.

I realized I hated myself because I didn’t recognize myself. I had lost the pleasure of “being me” in an effort to be all things to my family, my co-workers, and my clients.

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