Begging for Accurate Communication!

Last year, I stumbled through kindergarten with partial information most of the time. I missed a few things, never got on the automated call list, and was cursed for car-line infractions due to my ignorance.

I have to say that I thought last year’s communication process was just short of terrible. I don’t blame our teacher; I think she did a good job communicating with parents. I think it was probably a top-down problem.

And, I know. I know the elementary school isn’t a well-oiled PR firm. But, really, people. I don’t expect much. Just laid-out guidelines for things that involve safety (like the car-rider line), an updated school lunch menu (how many times did I download the same menu from the week of April 4 until I just finally gave up?), and accurate dates.

I mean—this is part of your job. Communicating to students and parents. I really had high hopes that a new year would bring communication reform.

Silly me!

On the first day of school, the kids bring home folders with the entire school year dates listed on the back. Prior to that, I had downloaded the Metro district-wide school calendar. Yes, I am that geeky goober mom who sits down with five calendars and highlighter pens and marks every holiday, day off, and parent-teacher day.

And so, I marked Thanksgiving Break for Thursday and Friday, November 26 and 27, on our calendars. First: from the Metro print-out and then I double-checked the dates against the first-day folder list.

Imagine my surprise when I discover TODAY that school is OUT on Wednesday.


Not sure when the change was made or who made it. But I would have liked to have known about it.

Really glad I found out today, rather than Wednesday morning.