Two Things You Need To Do

I spend a lot of time online. I work online. I play online. I gather information online.

You do, too. I’m pretty sure if you’re reading this blog, then you’re also probably online a lot.

In case you’ve been under the proverbial Internet rock (or have just procrastinated way too much), I want to make sure you do two things before you again shut down your Internet connection.

Sign up for Groupon and Swagbucks.

Groupon offers a deal each day. If enough people buy in, then the deal is “on.” And these are incredible deals. All sorts of services, retailers, and restaurants offer Groupon deals. Chris and I have eaten a $40 dinner for $20 at Amerigo. We have another Groupon worth $25 for Bria Bistro that I got for just $2. Referring friends gets you Groupon credit, which can be applied to future Groupons. It’s just a brilliant set-up and rewards you for doing what you’re already doing anyway. The hardest part is not jumping in to every Groupon offered. I have to be quite deliberate about which ones I buy.

Swagbucks is a search engine. As you use the Swagbucks search engine to do the searches you’re already doing anyway, you accrue points. You can then redeem points for prizes. My favorite “prizes” are gift cards. You’ll find your favorite retail gift cards there: Amazon, Target, Starbucks, iTunes. My goal with Swagbucks is to use those gift cards for my “fun stuff”: books, coffee, Target therapy.

Search & Win
I know there are all sorts of great online deals vying for your attention and many are worthy of it, I’m sure. But if I could highlight the two most-basic “no-brainers,” it would be Groupon and Swagbucks.

What are you waiting for? Go. Go now and sign up.