How to Save on Paper Towels

how to save on paper towels

Reusable cloth paper towels are awesome money-savers

In an ongoing effort to find ways to stop wasting money in our household, I recently took a long, hard look at the grocery budget. As I tried to think of how to save on paper towels, I realized that I needed to give reusable cloth paper towels a chance.

Our family has been addicted to paper towels. A drop or two of water on the counter? Paper towel. Cover for the plate in the microwave? Paper towel. Dry hands? Paper towel. I estimate we were spending about $20 each month just on paper we were buying to we could throw it in the trash. Truly — think about it — what benefit do paper towels give anyone?

I found some affordable, absorbent, and durable reusable cloth paper towels for us to try. My husband wrinkled his nose when I responded that we were going paper towel-less after he mentioned that we needed more paper towels from the store. He grunted but reluctantly agreed to give it a try. I asked for just two weeks. We’re now about a month in and we’re not looking back!

My favorite reusable cloth paper towels

These Full Circle Clean Again Super Absorbent Cleaning Cloths are my favorites! They come in packages of 2, so I bought 3 packages. They are heavy duty and hold up when wet. So far, they have done well with jobs in the kitchen and the bathroom.

Full Circle Clean Again Super Absorbent Cleaning ClothsFull Circle Clean Again Super Absorbent Cleaning ClothsFull Circle Kitchen Home Cleaning Dusting ClothsFull Circle Kitchen Home Cleaning Dusting Cloths

I also got these larger Full Circle Pulp Friction Kitchen Home Cleaning Dusting Cloths. They’re better suited for dusting or wiping up thicker messes. They aren’t terribly absorbent (at least not like the Cleaning Cloths), but they do well on “dry” jobs.

Once a cloth has been used for a few jobs, I’ll toss it in the laundry room for the next wash. They launder well. We keep our cloth stash in a handy wire basket on the kitchen counter where everyone (kids included!) are reaching for a cloth whenever they think they need a paper towel.

How to Save on Paper Towels | Use Reusable Cloth Paper Towels

Our basket of reusable cloth paper towels on our kitchen counter — ready for use!

More ways to save

Look for more ways to save money in your budget on things you regard as “disposable.” We have been conditioned as a society to think of disposable items as necessary conveniences. They really aren’t. They are expensive, wasteful and horrible for the environment. Here are some ways to save on paper towels and more disposable items in your home:

  • Instead of plastic sandwich bags, try using reusable sandwich bags or containers (I take the one featured in this post in my lunch everyday; it’s got 3 sections that are separate from one another, so you can pack both a sandwich and sides without anything touching)
  • Instead of paper napkins, try using cloth napkins
  • Instead of paper or plastic grocery bags, try using reusable bags
  • Instead of paper plates, use the real thing

What are your best tips for how to save on paper towels and other wasteful items in your household?