Maybe I’m a little bit ADD.

Or just hopelessly idealistic.

I know I definitely struggle with discontentment.

But I just have the worst time focusing on what is in front of my nose.

“Living in the moment” is not something at which I excel. I’m usually daydreaming about the future or reminisicing the past. This present moment is just too mundane to command my attention.

Today, though, it occurred to me that next year when I turn forty, I guess I really will be “middle-aged.” You know, like, I’ve lived half my life, give or take a few years.

That’s really sobering.

Add to that realization today’s Bible study lesson on Deuteronomy 6 (teaching our children to love God and keep his commandments), and I am just about ready to crawl under a rock.

You see, the task before me is wrapped up in dark blonde hair and three pairs of bright blue eyes. Focusing on my present is the best and only thing to do right now. I start having a little panicky feeling when I think if I keep waxing nostalgic or living for tomorrow, I just might miss today.

Today. My work is cut out for me: this diligent, deliberate, and constant teaching and training.

So while I’m convicted and challenged, I’m also hopeful and encouraged.

Because God is faithful to equip us for that which he requires of us. And if we never give up doing good, we will reap a harvest.