Sabbath Meditation

As We Go to the House of the Lord

Christ Is Our Pelican

“While we were still sinners–Christ died for us!” Romans 5:8

He loved us more than His own life! The pelican feeds her young ones with her own blood. Oh! sirs, Christ is our pelican, who has nourished and fed us with His own blood. “My flesh is real food and my blood is real drink,” says Christ.

. . .

Christ bled love at every vein! His drops of blood–were drops of love! Yes, the more bloody He was–the more lovely! He was most lovely upon the cross–because then He showed most love to us!

Christ took upon Him our shame–that we might be partakers of His glory!

He died our death–that we might live His life!

He suffered our hell–that we might enjoy His heaven!

He endured the sorest pains–that we might enjoy the sweetest pleasures!

He went through the furnace of wrath–to keep us out of the flames of hell!

Oh! how infinitely does He love us!


Excerpts from “Christ Is our Pelican,” by William Dyer, Christ’s Famous Titles, posted on Grace Gems. Sign up for daily email devotions from Grace Gems.