Reprimand at the Library

Today we went swimming with our friends.

Half-wet and half-dry, in cover-ups and bathing suits, I decided that before we went home, we’d make a QUICK trip to our branch library. I had requested some Scooby-Doo videos and REALLY wanted the boys to watch them when we got home. I was hoping to wrap up preparation for my Bible study and really needed the children distracted for some uninterrupted time.

So, after the swim, we dry off enough that we aren’t dripping wet. On our way to the library, we drive through the pharmacy window and drop off a few bottles of meds that need refills.

I get three suckers (one for each child) at the pharmacy window and hand them out to the kids.

Next, we arrive at the library.

Please keep in mind that my three videos are already on the hold shelf with my name on them. Walking from the front door of the library to the hold shelf is no longer a distance than walking from the front door of a McDonald’s to the counter.

We walk in (well, OK, slightly barrel through the front door) and loudly shuffle to the hold shelf. I’m constantly “shushing” the kids as they are screaming about Scooby-Doo and such. I know we are a lovely sight in half-wet clothes with matted hair. I know I look particularly beautiful!

So, we grab the videos and proceed to the self-checkout line. I give each kid a video to scan (they like to hear the beep). I quickly scan my card and type in my PIN.


“Ma’am?” Is she talking to me? I look up. Oh, yes she is.

The librarian is leaning across the desk to the self check-out lane.


“For the future. Suckers are not allowed in the library.”

What? Suckers? Oh, right. I quickly take inventory of the sucker usage by my kids. Susanna’s is almost gone. Seth’s is in his mouth. Spencer doesn’t have one.

“Oh. I’m sorry. I had no idea.”

“No food or drink in the library. And ESPECIALLY suckers. They tend to get everywhere.”

“OK. Sorry.”

And then I think I got madder and madder standing there, scanning Scooby-Doo movies because:

1. We were in the library for ALL OF two minutes. Seriously.
2. I was beside the sucker-using children the entire two minutes.
3. I know food and drink are not allowed. Had no clue about candy. Really. If you don’t want candy in the library, you need to make that clear. I do not consider candy (or gum) “food” or “drink.”
4. I could understand this woman going out of her way to reprimand me if we had brought a picnic spread inside or my kids were running around unsupervised sticking their gooey suckers everywhere, but that was totally not the case.
5. I can’t help but think her reprimand had a little something to do with our disheveled and somewhat noisy entrance.

So, prideful rebel in me just might pack a few suckers in my purse next time I’m heading to the library.

I’m just sayin’.