Odds and Ends

I’m running so far behind with—well, with just about everything, really.

  • I bought Twilight to read. I know, I know, I’m like 2 years behind the excitement. But I usually have such a time getting through fiction. Typically, I find it boring and predictable. I have high expectations for the Twilight series, though. I haven’t started it because I’ve set it up as a reward. I get to read it when I finish my latest writing assignment, which brings me to …
  • I have a Bible study unit for Cokesbury’s Bible Lessons for Youth due… um, yesterday. Yes, I’m behind. Yes, I cursed writers who were late when I was an editor. Yes, I will get it finished this weekend. If I have to stay up all night Sunday, it will be finished by Monday.

  • And then I get to start Twilight.

  • In my Back-to-School giveaway, the winner is… my fellow POTATO friend, Chonta. You won’t see her comment on the post because it magically disappeared, but she posted nonetheless. Chonta wins some fabulous Melaleuca kids’ products. (Disclosure: I am a Melaleuca marketing executive and customer. I am compensated by the company when I sign new members to the company. I purchased these products on my own, however, and sponsored the giveaway myself. I received no additional benefit from the company, nor was my giveaway affiliated with the company in any way.)
  • I will post about the first day of school. Hey. I still have Christmas photos on my camera that need downloading. Like I said, I’m just running a wee bit behind. I will get to the first day of school. Stay tuned.