The Nose Knows … or Does It?

Squeezed into my errands and appointments today was Zoe’s annual physical exam. (Zoe is our 9 pound little Bijon/Shih Tzu canine family member.)

Yep. Zoe has already been a Bernard for a year! She’s such a precious girl and so sweet to the kids. She puts up with a lot.

So, after the exam today, the vet left the room to read some of the remaining tests and get some things together. I put Zoe’s leash on and just let her run around my feet and sniff the exam room. I used the opportunity for quiet to lean back in the chair and close my eyes and rest.

(It reminded me of all those pregnancy appointments when I’d wait on the doctor and end up stretching out on the exam table, curled in the fetal position beneath the glaring flourescents. Hey, you take rest where you can get it when you’re a busy mom of three and almost 40.)


I’m sitting there listening to vet office noises outside the closed doors and mentally ticking off my to-do list when–bleh!–I notice a strong odor. Yuck, I think. There must be a stinky dog outside the door.

A few seconds pass. Another whiff.
Oh, really, that’s so gross. That’s really yuck. Someone needs to go clean that up. 

Close the eyes.

Nasal assault.

About that time, the doctor comes back in. He immediately smiles and says, “Well, Zoe, looks like you had a little accident.”

It was only then that I turn my head ever so slightly to glance beside my foot to see two huge you-know-whats on the floor.

I was completely oblivious that it was my dog who was the perpetrator.

You think I’m a smidge too distracted these days?