News Round-up for Week Ending November 27

Despite it being a holiday week, I’ve found a few stories in the news worthy of mention. I’m not sure that I have any real insightful commentary, but they are all interesting.

Ever since the popularity of the Nun Bun, I’ve been examining my food for resemblances to Jesus. If I could just find that one peanut butter sandwich with an image of a long-haired, bearded man, then I could sell it on eBay and make thousands of dollars.

photo: Grant Morris, staff photographer, Eagle Tribune

Hasn’t happened yet. But I read this week about a woman who found a picture of Jesus on the bottom of her iron. She feels blessed by this image on her appliance. She claims she will keep the iron in a safe spot and get a new iron. Mark my words: that iron will appear on eBay in the not-so-distant future.

I’m always intrigued by people who:

  1. “find” pictures of Jesus in their food or on the walls AND
  2. actually ascribe legitimate elements of faith to these so-called images.


The party crashing couple at the White House state dinner this week just amazes me. First, the level of incompetency by the Secret Service is astounding, as well as terrifying. But the party crashers? On the one hand, I must applaud their creativity and cunning.

The couple not only got past the Secret Service (when they were not on the guest list), but they also managed to greet the President in the receiving line and be photographed with the Vice-President.


Tonight on 20/20 real-life “vampires” were featured. I place real-life “vampires” in the same category as real-life “unicorns” or real-life “leprechauns.” These people are really weird, claiming they must “feed” in order to feel alive. Some “feed” on others’ creativity or energy, while some “feed” on human blood. That’s right. They drink the blood of other humans. And they showed it on 20/20. And it was gross and fascinating at the same time.