The Longest Day

OK, so I’ve had the longest, most draining day in recent memory.

About a week ago, we discovered the Internet phone service offered through Melaleuca’s phone service, called MelaCom. The company they partner with is called Packet8. I was thrilled to find this service so that we could stop our $42 per month AT&T bill (on which we get nothing but CallerID) and start using the $24.95 per month Internet phone where we get unlimited EVERYTHING, reward dollars to use at Melaleuca, and a free phone.

A very, very good deal. Wouldn’t you agree?

Now, I’m sure this is a great company and a great deal. BUT—and what a huge BUT—we have DSL. Through some sort of grand miscommunication, I did not realize that in transferring numbers and so on, we lose the phone line in our house, which thus prompted our Internet provider to turn off our DSL.

So, yea. Currently, we have no home phone and no DSL Internet AND no Internet phone.

After hours—yes, hours (I started around 10 and hung up around 3) on the phone with reps from Packet8, Earthlink, AT&T, and even, Apple, I have finally discovered that to save more grief and avoid more conversations with reps about something that sounds to me like a foreign language, we have decided the best thing to do is to have everything switched back the way it was.

So, my final call today was to AT&T to say that we need a “snap back” (how’s that for technical jargon?) to our old phone line using our old phone number. I’m talking to the lady who puts me on hold a gajillion times to talk to other people who can explain to her what I mean (may I add that I’m not even sure I know what I mean) and so, we finally understand that we’ll just set the service up all over again. In the middle of all this setting up, my phone dies.

Right. In. The. Middle. Of. This. Crazy. Marathon. Phone. Call.

OK. So, I redial only to be connected to AT&T Lady #2 who has no clue what I’m talking about and has to put me on hold a gajillion times to talk to other people who can explain to HER what I mean. After ONE HOUR, our request is now activated so that we can get our phone back.

Of course, it will take ten business days.

Of course.

You don’t even want to know what the children were doing during all of this. Here’s a partial list:
*Empty and unwrapping most of the Dum-Dums in a 2/3 full bag; licking many of the unwrapped ones
*Painting oneself with red marker
*Screaming, screeching, singing, dancing
*Watching shows
*Playing with dinosaurs
*Going potty
*Chasing sibling(s) with foam swords

Is it over yet?