Leave Me Alone

These two weeks without routine and without consistent distraction have been really hard for me. I’ve been trying to discern exactly what the “problem” is, in my never-ending quest to delve into the inner-workings of my personality.

The children have been, well, children. They, of course, get tired and bored. I have seemed to spiral down into a short temper, anger, exasperation, stress, fatigue, and anxiety. All great character traits for being home with the children, wouldn’t you agree?

And then I stumbled upon this blog post that rocked my world. THIS is me to a T! This woman spoke to my core being.

I’ve always known I was an introvert (gets energy from being alone). I just could never pinpoint exactly how that was expressed in my interaction with my kids nor what I could do to adapt to my preferences. This so explains to me why I “enjoy” zoning out on the computer, surfing blogs and such and why I love reading magazines. These activities are my attempt to regroup, recharge in the middle of nuttiness going on around me.

So, I’m still trying to figure out realistic coping mechanisms and continuing to strive for celebrating the way God made me.

P.S. I’m certain Michelle Duggar must be an extrovert (gets energy from being with other people), and that has to be the reason why I am fascinated with her.