Ladies’ Church Retreat

Yes! We REALLY did talk about the Bible.

Last weekend, the ladies of Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church went on a retreat to Monteagle. We stayed at a lovely Victorian house, which belongs to dear friends of our church family. It’s called “The Happy Castle.” That’s because one is instantaneously exuberant upon cresting the mountain!

We had a great time minding a super-loose schedule, dining out, snacking until midnight, and sleeping until 8:30 a.m. We had too much fun laughing about all the weird names of people we had known throughout our lives.

Our pastor’s wife, Diane Filson, and another woman, Carolyn Page, brought devotions and thoughts on their favorite Scriptures. We also played a few cute games, which gave us several laughs.

Debi Haggard

We tested our improv acting skills!

Lauren Kelley, Laura Coughlin, and Helen Settles

Diane Filson

Carolyn Page