"I Not Spencer," otherwise known as The Manipulation Begins

I knew it would happen sooner rather than later.

My boys do look so much alike that often, even I, their mother, have relied on a quick quiz to differentiate between the two.

“Come here… uh, Seth… you are Seth, right? Who are you?”

Up until this past week, I was fairly certain I’d get a truthful answer. I think each boy took a special pride in being able to assert his identity and independence. “No! I’m Seth.” “He’s not Spencer. I’m Spencer.”

Well, just a few months shy of his fourth birthday, my—shall we say—more creative twin, Spencer, has discovered the art of the switcheroo.

That’s right. He’s tried to pass himself off as his brother in an effort to evade punishment.

Spilled drink on floor. Guilty boy (Spencer) sitting beside spilled drink.

Mom: Spencer, did you do that? Did you spill that drink?
Spencer: No. I not Spencer. I’m Seth.
Mom: No, you are Spencer, and you spilled the drink.

(Sigh.) He is a smart little booger, though, isn’t he? 🙂