I Am Laundress: Hear Me Roar

But—not anymore. 
That’s right. For risk of having to eat my words, I proudly proclaim here and now: 
I have conquered my laundry! 
I know. I know. It’s exciting, isn’t it? 
Here’s my secret: I do one load of laundry every day. Every day. No matter how small. 

(I realize that for some of you, this may be intuitive. Not me, though. So, I’m really excited by this epiphany.)

A few weeks ago, we got a new washing machine when our old one stopped draining. Our new machine has an automatic water level sensor and an awesome spin cycle. So, here’s the thing: I don’t feel guilty about washing a small load because I’m not wasting water. 
The smaller load is then spun so well (and it’s smaller), the drying time is lessened. The fewer pieces, then, take less time to fold and put away. 
I am thrilled I’m finally getting on top of my laundry. 
I was thinking about this: a simple method of eating one’s elephant a bite at a time, consistently. But, it’s not a method set in stone. I think that must be key for me. Schedules become counter-productive for me because I feel suffocated by them. I must have flexibility. So, a routine is important: I may do my laundry in the morning or in the evening, watching HGTV or talking on the phone. I need that tiny shred of control. 
I have tried schedules and systems and philosophies, ad nauseum, when it comes to housekeeping tasks. None of them seems to stick.

I have decided that in order to see growth and productivity, I must never feel coerced by my schedule or system. I must have flexibility within parameters.

And I must embrace the “baby step” mentality.

Oh, I’m learning a lot about myself as I wander through adulthood. Who would have thought laundry could teach me so much?

What about you? How do you feel about schedules vs. routines? What works for you in your home?

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