Fourth of July Fun

I absolutely love the Fourth of July. I love summer anyway. I love grilling out. I love watermelon. It’s a fun family time with good food, a long day that stretches into night. And you don’t have the pressure of choosing gifts for anyone.

This year, we went to Shelbyville to spend time with Nana and Papa and the cousins.

My nephew, Isaac, is becoming quite the sportsman when it comes to riding, training, and raising Tennessee Walking Horses. He has shown in numerous horse shows and taken many ribbons. And he’s only 11!

My kids got a special treat: riding Wormy (can you believe this horse’s name is “Wormy”?) with Isaac. The boys absolutely loved every single minute of it and could have stayed on longer. Susanna was done after about 30 seconds.

Seth and Cousin Isaac

Spencer and Isaac

Susanna and Isaac: She’s so done!