Early Morning Deep Discussion

heaven - questions about heavenSusanna woke up at 5 a.m. today. She said she had a bad dream, plus it was storming.

Are you surprised at all that she never went back to sleep?

I have been plopped into a family of early risers. I’m convinced this is some type of twisted Karma (I don’t really believe in Karma, but this situation certainly makes a good case for its existence) for all those mornings of my teenage years that I slept until noon. All of those school mornings that I scrambled to get ready in 20 minutes because I’d sleep until the last second. All of those Sundays my entire family was waiting for me in the car because I was too tired to get up at the right time to get ready. All of those 8 a.m. college classes that I managed to drag myself into by 8:15.

Yep–I’m being paid back really good!

So, anyway, all my kids get up early. Today was no exception.

Susanna crawled in bed with me; Chris vacated to her room to sleep his last 30 minutes. As we were trying to go back to sleep, Susanna started some deep thinking.

Somehow the conversation turned to our spending eternity with Jesus in heaven and having the opportunity to meet loved ones who had passed on before us. Sassy (our dearly departed dog of almost 1 year now) is always included in that discussion. The rest went like this:

S: Mommy, what does Heaven look like?
M: Well, no one on Earth really knows for sure. The Bible says that it’s perfect and beautiful. Beautiful like jewelry!
S: Mommy, will we sleep in Heaven?
M: I’m not sure. Right now, we sleep on Earth because our bodies need the rest. But in Heaven we’ll have perfect bodies. We may not need to sleep!
S: Mommy, who created pajamas that we sleep in?
M: I have no idea!
S: Mommy, lightning can kill you.
M: Yes, yes, it can.
S: There’s a lot of ways you can die. If someone shoots you, you can die.
M: Uh-hmmm.