Bunnies? Bunnies!

Susanna turns six at the end of the month. Unbelievable, I know.

For months, she’s been saying she wants a Hello Kitty party. Whew! I breathe a sigh of relief because there’s Hello Kitty stuff everywhere, right? Right.

Until last week when I start thinking about invitations and proudly announce, “I’m going shopping for your Hello Kitty invitations and we’ll get those in the mail soon.”

“Um, no, Mom. I want to have a bunny party.”

A bunny party? Like bunny rabbits. Where did that come from?

Um, OK.

So, I think this can’t be that bad. I start googling “bunny party” and come up with some cute game ideas. OK. I can make this work.

And… Bingo! It dawns on me that bunny stuff is everywhere now with Easter decorations. Alright! I’m home free!

But, alas, because the kid party subculture has always been and will always be out to get me… I find myself spending almost 2 hours today looking for pink bunny stickers. Something not too Easter-y, not too babyish. Something kind of elegant but still fun.

See, I can find cartoony bunny plates, napkins, cups, tablecloths, baskets, bags, sacks, and pails. But THERE ARE NO BUNNY invitations for anything anywhere. Nowhere.

And I swear, they just aren’t out there precisely and positively BECAUSE I am looking for them.

OK. But I find these cute pink plaid blank invitations at the Dollar Tree–10 for $1.00. I’m so proud of my bargain that I decide that SURELY I can find some cute little bunny stickers to go on the invitations.

No. No. No.

You want pink flamingo stickers? You got ’em! Turtles, alligators, dragonflies? They are there. Ducks, chicks, and Easter eggs galore. But just bunnies? Little pink cute bunnies? Of course not.

After two hours of hunting and muttering under my breath things like, “Why would someone buy an entire package of pink flamingo stickers?” in the aisle at Michael’s, I finally settle on some pretty flowers.

I decide our Bunny Party invitations will just have flowers prominently displayed. Darn those pink bunnies.

I KNOW I’ll be assaulted with bunnies next year when I’m looking for some OTHER party decorations like pink flamingos.