Around the Block: Pardon My Mess!

As you can see, The Writer’s Block is under construction. With my Christmas money, I bought a new blog design! Some girls dream of shoes and bags or makeup and jewelry. Not me. I fantasize about my blog.

So, anyway, I think it’s still in progress and needs some tweaking here and there. I’ll let you know when it’s all finished and everything is in its right spot.


This week has been heart-wrenching as I’ve continued to keep online vigil for my friend, David Hames. As of tonight, he remains missing in Haiti. Hope remains alive, however, since a man was found alive today–14 days after the earthquake. I am praying constantly for his rescue. I think it would be an incredible testimony to God’s gracious glory if this man is found alive. I pray so, anyway.

Grammar alert: It’s time for my every-so-often grammar correction public service announcement

The word, between, is only used when talking about two entities. The word, among, is used when talking about more than two entities. So, please note:

I must choose between the two books. (Correct)
She shares her books between the four family members. (Incorrect)
She shares her books among the four family members. (Correct)

You’re welcome.


I’m convinced my laundry is procreating behind my back. Mama Sock and Daddy Sock are having Baby Socks, while Mama Sweater and Daddy Sweater are spawning Baby Shirts, Baby Pajamas, and Baby Undies.

I’m preparing for their revolution any day now. If laundry can figure out how to procreate, they can certainly organize themselves into a mutiny.

image: morguefile