Around the Block: Blizzard, Blissdom, Blogging, and Boys

Last week, we had several inches of snow. We were out of school and snow-bound for about five days and it felt more like fifteen. I’ve been playing catch up in hyper-speed since Tuesday.


I’m heading to Blissdom tomorrow, and I. Can’t. Wait. I’ll be updating and tweeting from there and expect to come home with heaps of inspiration, motivation, and new ideas. You’ve been warned: lots of excitement ahead.


I’ve written a three-part series (parts one, two, and three) at Faithful Bloggers this week. I’m really enjoying getting started with this new project.


Today, I had conferences with the boys’ preschool teachers.

Spencer’s teacher told me he has affection for a little girl in his class, whom I will call Ariel. Spencer and Ariel sit beside each other at lunch. The teacher said that one day as they were eating, Spencer leaned over to Ariel. He gently placed his hand on her forearm.

He said, “How are you today, my lovely princess?”

In other news, Seth confessed he kissed a little girl in his class during a game of Prince and Princess.

I love my little men.