Turkey’s Cooking Tonight

It’s Thanksgiving Eve and I almost forgot to post tonight. But you know–I have that commitment to NaBloPoMo and all, so here I am.

Tonight I prepped everything for cooking in the morning and put my turkey in to bake all night. My feet, legs, and back are killing me, but I made a lot of head-way. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly tomorrow and I won’t be so dog-tired that I can’t enjoy my guests. As I cooked tonight, I watched this week’s episodes online of my favorite soap, “The Bold and the Beautiful.” It’s my little guilty pleasure.

Growing up, I remember vividly waking on Thanksgiving morning to all kinds of wonderful smells. We’d sort of watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade while preparing for guests. Mom always chose kind of a weird time to eat, like 2:00 p.m. (We are eating at noon tomorrow. I figure that gives us TWO opportunities to eat, which I love.) Speaking of soaps, I also remember that Mom liked to watch the soaps on and around the holidays. She used to say that she liked to see how they celebrated with their decorations and pretty clothes. It’s true. It’s always fun to watch at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the Fourth of July.

I want my kids to remember Thanksgiving morning smells when they reminisce on their growing-up years.