Things That Make Me Go, "Hmmmm…"

  • People who would subject themselves to the humiliation of losing on “Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader.” These people have post-graduate degrees and white-collar professions but they can’t do basic multiplication or find Antarctica on a map. (OK–I have issues with math and geography, too, but I would NEVER go on TV and tell the world.)

  • Goofy Suzanne Roberts on “Seeking Solutions with Suzanne.” Apparently, she’s an Emmy award winning TV personality who is breaking new ground for seniors-targeted television programming. Whatever. All I know is that watching her segment is agonizingly boring, plus it always pre-empts the last 5 minutes of whatever show we’re watching on CNN Headline News.

  • Most of children’s television programming. The latest observation: “Johnny and the Sprites.” Odd. Really, really odd.

  • Rod Stewart. I don’t find any of his songs the least bit entertaining. I think his scratchy voice sounds like a cat in pain. Plus, he’s not handsome. While I’m sure he has positive qualities, I just don’t understand why he is admired as a sexy singer. He’s just not.

  • My children’s early waking. Why do some people have kids who sleep until 7:30? Mine are always awake by 6. Sometimes 5. Sometimes 4. When they are teenagers and want to sleep until noon on Saturdays, I will not say a word. I’ll finally get to catch up on my sleep then.