A Same—Yet Different—Kind of Day

I had an appointment with Dunkin’ Donuts at 9. I was determined to make it on time, showered and with makeup applied.

Today is Susanna’s birthday. She requested doughnuts for her class treat during morning snack time. Morning snack time began at 9:30.

I am not a morning person—never have been, doubt I ever will be. So, it may not surprise you to learn that most mornings, I’m rolling out of bed a little late just in time to get breakfast made, children ready, and lunches packed.

In my world, there’s no such thing as looking beautiful in the car-rider line and at preschool drop-off.

But, today, dear friends; today was different.

I’d like to think it was partially due to my new stream-lined schedule with minimal distractions. I don’t want to start taking all the credit for something only God can do (change me), but I have to say it is rewarding to see the fruit of new actions and good decisions.

So, believe it or not, I was showered and made-up and got to Dunkin’ Donuts by 9:15ish and my daughter’s school by 9:30, in time for snack time. (OK—so my hair was gross and pulled back because I was headed for a much-needed, overdue hair appointment, but I made it!)

I did it, people.

It really felt great to be on time and properly dressed and looking presentable. At one point, I actually shouted out in the van, “I’m doing it! I’ve got it together!” (Seriously, this was a big deal.)

And then I found it totally odd and a little bit sad that I considered basic grooming AND keeping appointments mutually exclusive.

And then I found it totally odd and a little bit sad that excitement I had previously saved for job promotions, scholastic achievements,  and the like now characterizes those rare occasions that I can string together bathing, teeth brushing, and mascara application within a half-hour time frame.

Gah! What’s wrong with me? And who am I? I wondered as I scarfed down all five one of the leftover doughnuts.

After school, I was picking up the table where the boys had strewn the contents of their Easter eggs from the preschool Easter egg hunt. I picked up the wrapper of the Oh-So-Cute-You-Could-Die Easter GIFT from one of the kids to one of my sons. I instantly knew who had given the adorable cellophane wrapped baggie full of treats and perfectly matted Easter grass (Go ahead and add insult to injury with the tuft of Easter grass, why don’t you? As if the mound of jelly beans were not enough … ).

I knew because this same kid’s mom had given the Oh-So-Cute-You-Could-Die Halloween buckets and Christmas stockings and Valentine hearts. And as I read the kid’s name in the “from” section on the tag, my heart sank a bit as I envisioned The Kid’s Mom packing the Oh-So-Cute-You-Could-Die Easter bags for every kid in the class.

In full makeup. With painted nails. Smelling sweetly from having freshly showered.

And once again, I felt totally odd and a little bit sad that jelly beans, Easter grass, and nail polish were making me crazy.

Image: Morgue File