Pajama Party

Growing up, I was a Girl Scout from second grade until high school graduation. I’m pretty sure I earned some impressive awards but couldn’t tell you exactly what those awards were or what requirements I fulfilled to earn them.

Finally, this year, Susanna decided that she would, indeed, participate in Girl Scouts. Now that the program offers the Daisy level, first graders can participate.

Tonight we went to a “Pajama Party” for our unit. Moms and girls gathered, wearing our pajamas, for crafts, games, snacks, singing, and dancing. We all brought a pair of pajamas to donate to the local chapter of a pajama program.

It was all so girly-girl. And I loved every minute of it.

It was one of those times when I looked at my little girl in her jammies doing a chicken dance and laughing and I thought, I’m so glad I have a girl.