"I so tired!"

Seth’s signature comment these days is, “I so tired.” Picture if you will the drooping head, the slumped shoulders for dramatic effect. Hear the exhalation on the word, “tired.” See the shuffle of the feet.

I know exactly how he feels.

No matter what I’m trying to accomplish, I’ve realized it requires a great deal of energy and hard work. “I so tired.”

I wish I had more of the temperament of my husband. Chris is a very linear person. He tackles life day to day. He approaches tasks and goals based on reality and energy level. I don’t sense that he ever seems overwhelmed. Should he become overwhelmed, then he just knocks something off his “to-do” list. Very practical.

I, on the other hand, continually add to my list. I’m so circular that I’m global. I don’t feel productive unless I’m working on one project and have at least 15 others to go. This works OK until I just kinda crash and burn from all the spinning wheels when I, too, say, “I so tired.”

So, lately, I’m tired from:

  • trying to lose weight and stick to a new diet plan
  • trying to save a gajillion dollars every week at the grocery store by playing The Grocery Game, clipping coupons, and strategically planning meals that are inexpensive, easy, and healthy (impossible!)
  • trying to make a gajillion dollars by working my Melaleuca business and writing
  • trying to wrangle 3 kids who are bored
  • trying to keep a house running (you know: food, laundry, stains on the carpet, and so on—never-ending)
  • dealing with the mental anguish of not having started all those projects I had high hopes of completing this summer

OK. Now it’s time for a nap.