Honey, I Blew Up My Kitchen

Last week, our 2-slot pop-up toaster stopped working. I suppose this was expected. It was a wedding gift almost 14 years ago. Ironically, the couple who gave it to us is now divorced.

Yesterday, just hours after I posted my smoothie recipe, I fried my new blender—how? I have NO IDEA—when I tried to make Chris and me a peach daiquiri at dinnertime. As I blended, the appliance started smoking, and a nasty electrical burnt odor filled the house. I’ve only had the blender for 2 months.

Tonight, I melted the front panel of my Crockpot. I think it got a bit too close to the stove eye as I was making mac ‘n cheese. Thankfully, the melting didn’t affect the functioning of the power and timer buttons. Of course, I broke the lid handle months ago, so the melted front panel fits right in with its weathered look.

I love my appliances and grieve their passing.