Best Tips for Shopping at Aldi

Tips for Shopping at Aldi | save money on groceries without clipping coupons

I hate grocery shopping. Loathe it. Despise it. Always have.

Until I discovered Aldi, that is.

Aldi grocery stores offer terrific savings on outstanding products. The stores are “no-frills,” which both keeps costs low and makes shopping easier, I think. Groceries are stacked in boxes on pallets, which creates aisles. There are no fancy shelves, end-caps, or signs. At least in the Aldis in my area, they all have a similar layout, which means I don’t have to “re-learn” a store when I shop there for the first time. Aldi only carries the most frequently purchased items, which ensures that I’m not overwhelmed when it comes to choosing products. I love the simplicity that comes with fewer options.

What does all of that mean for us? Lower prices and fewer barriers to getting to the items you want to purchase.

What to Bring With You to Aldi

»A Quarter
I actually keep a stack of quarters in my van change holder, specifically for my Aldi shopping days. You will need the quarter to take a shopping cart from the corral. Pop the quarter into the chain mechanism and the lock will open. Once you are finished with your cart, return it to the corral and pop the chain back into the lock. The quarter will pop out and you can take it with you.

I personally LOVE this shopping cart system. These carts are the best carts in any grocery store. There’s room for 2 small children in the top seat and there are no ads plastered on the carts. They are very large and sturdy and I have never encountered a cart with a sticky or squeaky wheel.

»Cash or Debit Card
Aldi does not take credit cards or checks. You will need to bring either cash or your debit card.

»Shopping Bags
Bring your own bags and prepare to sack your own groceries. Again, I actually prefer this to the bagging at the popular chain stores as my groceries have never been bagged as I have liked, even after giving specific instructions to the baggers. If you do forget your own bags, you are welcome to take any of the boxes sitting around the store or you may purchase bags at check out.

Shopping at Aldi

In general, I save anywhere from $.25 – $2.00+ on most items! It’s really shocking how the savings can add up. On my last Aldi bill, I purchased 66 items for $144.56. That’s about $2.20 per item! That included snacks, fresh produce, frozen meat, dairy, even some organic items.

Generally speaking, Aldi has its own line of products, so you will not necessarily see brands that you are used to buying (however, they will often offer some known brands at discounts). Their line of products, though, are just as good (if not preferred by my family) as the popular brands. They also offer a double guarantee on most items in their store. If you don’t like the product, they will both replace it and refund your money!

My Favorite Items to Buy at Aldi

  • Snacks – You can’t beat Aldi’s prices on chips, crackers, cereal bars (no high fructose corn syrup), applesauce cups (no sugar added), and yogurt tubes. Aldi also offers organic and gluten-free versions of most of these items, which are a great savings over the national brands.
  • Cheese – Shredded, sliced, string – great prices on all of these! I also love their Feta crumbles and goat cheese logs. They have a wide variety of gourmet flavors, again at amazing prices.
  • Produce – Bagged salads, potatoes, baby carrots, fruit. All of their fresh produce is excellent and at significantly reduced prices. Gala apples (3 lb. bag) are $2.89. Bananas are $.44/pound. I have never been disappointed with any produce I purchased at Aldi.
  • Canned goods – You just can’t beat canned veggies for $.50 a piece. Enough said.
  • Frozen fruits and veggies – I love the frozen fruits for smoothies and the frozen veggies in the steamable bags are so handy (broccoli florets are $1.19 a bag).
  • Organic whatever – Aldi increases its organic offerings every week, it seems. They now have organic dairy, produce, coconut oil, quinoa, frozen and canned items. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to eat organic because of the lower prices at Aldi.

So, if I must grocery shop (which I must!), I’ll be at Aldi as often as possible. I love saving money and getting great quality. Aldi is a little bit out of the way for me, but it’s close to my church. So, I try to go shopping at Aldi every Wednesday when I leave Bible study. If I can shop at Aldi once/week each month, I usually save us $200-$300/month on groceries. That’s a big deal for us.

If you’ve not tried shopping at Aldi, I’d encourage you to do so. And if you already shop at Aldi, let me know your favorite products to purchase there.

(Oh, and I have not been compensated by Aldi at all for this post. I just love shopping there and want to help others learn how to shop there and save money for their families, too.)

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