What Was She Thinking?

Yesterday, I did a little bit of Christmas shopping in actual stores while the kids were at school. Nashville’s weather yesterday was sunny and bright, upper 50’s, but windy and a bit chilly. Definitely long sleeve shirt and pants weather. And I’m hot all the time.

Coming out of one store, I noticed a woman walking back to her car. She was wearing a long sleeve shirt, a sweater, and shorts.

OK–now, that’s not terribly unusual. I’ve paired shorts with long sleeve shirts before.

But the most astonishing part was her choice of legwear to go with her mixed ensemble.

Black nylon knee-high socks with athletic shoes.

So, I’m wondering if her thought process as she was getting dressed went something like this:

Hmmmm. Let’s see. It’s sunny today. I think I’ll wear my shorts. But it’s windy and not 60 degrees so my arms may get chilly. Yes … a long sleeve shirt with a sweater will be nice. OK. What shoes? A cute flat? No. A sandal? No, my toes would get cold. I know! I’ll wear my running shoes. A nice, hefty athletic shoe will be perfect for my day of shopping. What socks? Cute little white ankle socks? Too predictable. I know! I’ll just pull out my black knee-high trouser socks that are only supposed to be worn under long winter pants. Yes! Now that’s the picture of fashion!