Intentional Eating in 2010

I continue with my theme of “Living Intentionally,” as I turn my attention to my diet.

Ugh. The diet. The eating plan. The “lifestyle program.”

I think there’s just something to the saying that “life catches up” to you. I’ll be 40 this year, and I know I’m much less healthy than I was a decade ago. Fast food, processed food, sugar—it just makes me fat. It DOES.

A few months ago, I started the Transitions program. Transitions is a low-glycemic eating plan. It begins with a one-week fruit and veggie detox followed by twelve weeks of making new habits of healthier eating.

I did OK at first, then the stress of the holidays arrived and my motivation, focus, and resolve to stick to any eating plan that didn’t involve butter on top of butter and chocolate dipped in chocolate vanished.

Today I begin Day 3 of my fruit and veggie detox week. I am doing well so far.

Here’s where the “intentional” part came in: I know part of my failure in the fall was due to inconvenience. When do I eat breakfast? Often running out the door. What is breakfast? Something I can grab.

So, I decided to set myself up for success.

That’s intention, people.

Preparation is key:
I mapped out my menus for the week. It took a long time, but I persevered and tried to be as realistic as possible. From the menus, I made a grocery list and went shopping.

Sunday afternoon, I spent about one hour cleaning and bagging fresh veggies. I washed the apples and grapes. I sliced cucumber. I washed lettuce and chopped it. I washed grape tomatoes and blueberries. All of the salad ingredients are ready to go. A healthy snack just needs to be pulled from the fridge.

I also boiled several eggs. A hard-boiled egg is a great breakfast food or snack. Totally portable!

It’s been so easy and convenient to eat right out of the fridge. Love it!

Sub the ordinary starches with steamed veggies:
I made spaghetti sauce and pasta for my family. I can have the sauce but not the pasta. Instead, I sliced some zucchini, yellow squash, broccoli, and carrot and lightly steamed them. I poured the sauce over the veggies. Surprisingly, it was quite good.

I use these Glad Steaming Bags, which are excellent. You just throw in cut veggies and microwave for about 3 minutes. There’s a handy tear edge. The veggies are perfect. No mess. No clean-up.

Seasoning Is Vital! 
Garlic, onion, salt, pepper, cumin, vinegars. Liberally season the veggies and salads to enhance the flavors. Bolder flavors are more satiating. I pour balsamic vinegar on everything, and I love it!

A Neat Water Alternative
I’ve just discovered flavored sparkling water. Canada Dry makes one, which I like. But this week, I discovered La Croix sparkling water in berry flavor. It has a hint of cherry Icee flavor to me. No calories, no sugar, no artificial sweeteners. Very good. Quite refreshing. And a little more exciting than plain water. I got this idea from a water-hating friend.

I feel good about this second try. I feel intentional. Intentionality for good health involves a CONSTANT reminder and affirmation that every decision is important. Nothing is slight. Every GOOD decision is an affirmation that I’m heading in the right direction. Every NOT-SO-GOOD decision is an opportunity to be more intentional.

This is hard. Oh, so hard. But by God’s grace, I will persevere.

Kroger Grocery Baggers and How George Costanza Relates to Grapefruit: Tonight’s Random Rants

I love my Kroger reusable grocery bags. They are practical and sturdy. The handles are roomy enough to sling the bags over my shoulders.

The Kroger baggers, however, need to heed my bagging instructions.

Do NOT bag “like with like.” When you bag three 2-liters together, I can’t lift it. When you bag two 10-pack juice boxes with one 2-liter, I can’t lift it. When you bag two gallons of milk, I can’t lift it.

When you bag a bag of chips, a box of plastic sandwich bags, and a bag of croutons together, I become angry.

Proper bagging technique is this: a heavy item on the bottom, a few medium-weight items in the middle, and a light item on top.

I’m happy to give you a bagging demonstration, if needed.


I’m concerned that each time I want to slice a grapefruit in order to scoop the fruit with a spoon, I always cut it in the wrong direction.

It’s most troubling to me since I analyze and contemplate the cut—convinced I’m doing it right—only to discover that I’ve done it wrong again.

I think I need to follow George Costanza’s lead in the “The Opposite” and just do the opposite of my initial impulse.

At least when it comes to cutting grapefruit.

(This clip makes me laugh out loud. I post it because I really need to laugh out loud tonight.)


My kids sucked me dry today and I am in the middle of Diet Failure.

Here’s looking forward to reset and reboot tomorrow.

And in Other News …

My post regarding more questions on predestination and election is coming. I’m figuring out, though, that when I work on theology posts, I take a little longer than the average “here’s what my kids did today” posts. I want to be accurate and include sufficient links to back up my assertions. Thus, my delay in getting the “questions” post up. Stay tuned …


My sweet retired neighbor—”bless his heart,” as we say in the South—was vacuuming dead leaves from his yard this afternoon. If you live in Nashville and spent even 10 seconds outside today, you would conclude he is a crazy man. And you would be correct. Today, we had 30mph winds. The wind whipped and spun and slapped everything relentlessly all day long.

Dude. Vacuuming your leaves today was kinda like trying to drain the ocean with a thimble. Got news for you. As soon as you were done, your yard was covered again. With leaves from my yard. Yep. I’m positive.


I’ve been wanting to tell you all about my new lifestyle eating program (I’m trying not to use the word, diet), Transitions. It’s a low-glycemic plan that is done in stages. This week is my first, with the detox/cleanse week. All veggies and fruits. That’s it.

Well, the first of the week went well. I have added a little protein here and there, though. Today was not so great, but I aim to finish on a positive note this weekend (yes, even with Halloween candy).

I am encouraged, however, and can certainly feel the benefit of whole foods in my body. The energy levels are much more even and the satisfaction lasts longer.

It’s an adjustment because we (as a society and my family, too, and I DO cook!) rely so much on processed and convenience foods. Yuck! Really, people. There’s gross stuff in those boxes and it kinda just clogs up in your body and makes you fat and lethargic.

I’m ready to not be fat and lethargic anymore.

I’ll keep you posted.