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To celebrate, the ladies are offering a 50% discount on the audio sessions of the 2010 Summit. All of the sessions were terrific, but I highly recommend the ones on SEO, monetization, media kits, and the law. These were areas where I learned the most because I had a knowledge deficit in these areas. 
If you want to order the recordings, I’d love for you to use my affiliate link below (and yes, I do receive 50% of the purchase price from sales I refer). 
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The Savvy Blogging Summit 2010 Saved My Blog

I went to the Savvy Blogging Summit this past weekend, prepared to come home and shut down my blog.

Yep. You read that right.

I was half-way expecting to leave the Summit, feeling soberly deflated from my crazy notions that this blogging thing could ever be a business for me.

But that didn’t happen.

In fact, just the opposite is true.

Let me back up a minute, though, and tell you how I approached this trip.

For the first half of 2010, I’ve felt my life has been topsy-turvy: the unprecedented Nashville flood, losing a friend in the Haiti earthquake, watching my church shut its doors, leaving Blissdom with little more than a handful of business cards and some groovy swag as my “take-away.” Because I’ve always been a “big vision,” idealistic person, these losses have chipped away at my grandiose ideas.

When loved ones die, when cherished items are destroyed, when the unthinkable happens, when expectations are never realized, dreams are obliterated.

Such disappointments cause me to reconsider everything in life and become a bit stingier with my dreaming.

Sure, I had always salivated at the thoughts of my blog making money. But I had also ballooned those thoughts to the point of worship, blurring the lines between authentic calling and my own assertions in the pursuit of success.

Going to this conference, I did my best to dismiss me and my ideas, opening myself to God’s ideas instead.

I had all but decided that—although I would continue to write—I would most likely abandon the idea of trying to make money with my blog.

Nevertheless, I went into it prayerfully that God would use it to show me “yea” or “nay.” Keep it or close it? Pursue it or leave it? I wanted to know. I wanted God to show me. I was so tired of striving for my own idols in my own strength. I just prayed God would show me how to do well that which he had created me to do.

The fact that I even got to go was a wonderful sign to me of God’s validation (thanks to the three women behind My Grandmother is … Praying for Me). The fact I found three other Christian bloggers for roommates was another. The fact that there was no traffic to the airport on Thursday morning? Well, what better sign could I ask for?

Seriously, God gave his favor on every aspect of this trip. I am reminded that God says his yoke is easy and his burden is light. I think of so many of my previous pursuits and how HARD they’ve been. Obstacle after obstacle.  Dead end after dead end.

But God confirmed that this blogging/writing endeavor is an “easy” and “light” place for me to be. What freedom to simply walk the path God has laid!

My “Take-Away”

I came home with a notebook full of scribbles of nuggets of wisdom. I made lots of new friends and have a small stack of business cards to file away. I have a to-do list and a to-read list that spans a couple of pages.

I “took-away” much in terms of practical, legitimate, immediately usable information to make my blog more readable, more easily discovered, and—ultimately—more profitable.

But, by far, for me, the biggest take-away from this conference was that I am meant to do this for God’s glory. He will equip me to do that which he calls me to do. Will it all come overnight? No. Will I become an instant millionaire? Probably not.

I am simply called to follow step-by-step in faith and watch God’s plan unfold.

And I have a bunch of like-minded Savvy Blogger friends watching with me, cheering me on every step of the way.


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Disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate and make a small commission based on purchases that I recommend. I am also working on the publicity team for My Grandmother Is … Praying for Me

Adorable Card Holders

You need one or two or … ten of these adorable business card holders from Megan Dunham at Half-Pint House.

One of the first times I read Megan’s work was over at the World magazine site. I then found her blog and started following her on Twitter.

I’m excited that I’ll get to meet Megan in a few short weeks at the Savvy Blogging Summit.


She needs your help in raising money to pay for her trip. So go buy some of these adorable, handmade card holders from Megan.

And if you’re feeling extra-generous and want to throw some money my way, I still need some additional funds for my trip. I can’t sew. But I’d love to barter writing or blogging services in exchange for travel money. If you’d like to sponsor me for part of the trip, we can talk about publicity I can bring you (or your company) through this blog and through other online outlets.  Let’s talk.

The Savvy Blogging Summit is a small gathering of social media professionals. We are going to learn in an intimate setting from the best in the areas of technology, media, law, photography, design, and more.

I absolutely. can’t. wait.

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