Around the Block: Saturday Stumbles

I’m still giddy with excitement and my brain is buzzing after last weekend’s Savvy Blogging Summit. One of the things I’ve decided to do more consistently with my blog is to participate in Saturday Stumbles at It’s Come 2 This. Visit her site to find some other great bloggers and their recommendations.

What I’ve been reading this week:

Laundry Schmaundry!

If you’re like me, you, too, wrestle with your laundry: finding/making the time to do it, doing it properly, or creating a new routine.

Guess what? One of my new friends, Lauren, has a blog about LAUNDRY! I met Lauren last weekend at the Summit and was really blown away to meet someone who:

  1. loved laundry and 
  2. decided to devote an entire blog to the chore! 

In Lauren, I had met my match-made-in-homekeeping-heaven!

Mama’s Laundry Talk is a super-helpful and practical blog, plus Lauren is a real delight! Go visit Mama’s Laundry Talk for tips, insights, and help on all-things laundry.

A Greasy Way to Save?

Who doesn’t want to save an extra penny or two? How much you spend on hair products? Well, why don’t you consider going shampoo-free? That’s right. Just. stop. shampooing. your. hair.

You’re crazy, you say? Well, check out this essay on the “no-poo ‘do”. The post tells you exactly how to care for your “no-poo ‘do” and cites the myriad benefits of getting the gunk out of your hair. It appeals to me as a busy mom because that’s one less thing I’d have to do in the 10 5 minutes I actually get in the bathroom during the grooming routine.

Let me know what you think and if you’d try it. (If you DO try it, come back here and let us know how it worked.)

Shameless plugs (I am compensated to work on the publicity teams for the following authors and their books. I am also a paid affiliate for Amazon and do receive a small commission on sales based upon my recommendations)

This summer, I’m helping four authors with their social media and blogging efforts. Please check out their blogs, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Frank Santora has written a book called Turn It Around, which is chock full of encouragement for persons going through tough times (who’s not going through tough times?). I know you’ll find perseverance in the pages of this book as Frank points you to the hope in Christ.

My Grandmother is … praying for me is an awesome new daily devotional written by three grandmothers—Kathy March, Pam Ferriss, and Susan Kelton—for grandmothers. It takes the reader through the book of Proverbs with Scripture, prayers, and activities.

Go check out their blogs, leave a comment, and tell a friend!

What have you read this week that’s insightful, interesting, or surprising?

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Around the Block: Favorite Blog Posts This Week

As I continue with the NaBloPoMo theme of “Now” for the month of June, I thought I’d really get with the ballgame and participate in Saturday Stumbles with Mandi at It’s Come 2 This.

I actually sat beside Mandi on a shuttle bus for a Savvy Blogging Dinner excursion at this year’s Blissdom. She may not remember (it was oh, so brief and in the dark), but I enjoyed our little conversation. 

Anyhoo …

For Saturday Stumbles, I’ll be highlighting for you some of my favorite blog posts that I read this week. I’d encourage you to:

  1. Check them out and leave them a comment.
  2. Go to the Saturday Stumbles list and read some other good posts recommended by those bloggers.
  3. Leave me a comment telling me what you think and/or what you found interesting this week on the web. 

It’s always fun to find new friends and new blogs!

Around the Block This Week

  • My sweet friend and fellow blogger, Rebecca at Toothwhale, wrote this great post about preventing dirt in your home. I find it so simply profound; I just love it! Maybe it’s because I’m such a mediocre rotten housekeeper? Anyway, I love Rebecca’s simple tips for keeping the house tidy when dirty kids are roaming throughout.
  • I love. love. love. this beautiful post from Jennifer at Surprising Joy. A transparent and honest seeker of God, she lays it all out. It inspires me and convicts me at the same time.
  • What a great post about blog content from Social Media Examiner! This is a hugely practical and helpful article, full of great tips for creating GOOD blog posts consistently. I printed this one and stuck it in my “blogging” reference folder. 
  • Rena from is a new The Writer’s Block reader. She left a comment on one of my posts and asked me to visit her site. It’s all about the Enneagram. I’ve just begun studying it, so of course, my interest is piqued! Her site is full of interesting insights about the Enneagram and the personality types. I could get lost reading there for hours. 😉 
What were your favorite posts this week? 

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