What I Learned Through Fasting

Fasting - What I Learned Through Fasting

Fasting from food is a common spiritual practice found in Scripture. Time and again, believers “fast and pray” as they worship and seek the Lord. Jesus himself goes into the wilderness and fasts  for 40 days and 40 nights.

So, what about fasting for us as modern-day believers? What’s it like to deprive oneself of food for a set period of time in order to seek God, to petition him, and to become more like Christ?

I remember as a young woman when a friend told me that she routinely fasted when she was struggling with something difficult. I remember she said something along the lines of “I get answers really quickly.”

Fast forward a few years and our entire (small) church committed to fasting for a church member who was awaiting a medical diagnosis. (All turned out well.)

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Disclosure: I am not a medical doctor. Any statements made on this blog about essential oil use are not meant to treat, diagnose, or cure any condition. My statements about essential oils are my opinion and are based upon my own experiences and research.

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This week has been heart-wrenching as I’ve continued to keep online vigil for my friend, David Hames. As of tonight, he remains missing in Haiti. Hope remains alive, however, since a man was found alive today–14 days after the earthquake. I am praying constantly for his rescue. I think it would be an incredible testimony to God’s gracious glory if this man is found alive. I pray so, anyway.

Grammar alert: It’s time for my every-so-often grammar correction public service announcement

The word, between, is only used when talking about two entities. The word, among, is used when talking about more than two entities. So, please note:

I must choose between the two books. (Correct)
She shares her books between the four family members. (Incorrect)
She shares her books among the four family members. (Correct)

You’re welcome.


I’m convinced my laundry is procreating behind my back. Mama Sock and Daddy Sock are having Baby Socks, while Mama Sweater and Daddy Sweater are spawning Baby Shirts, Baby Pajamas, and Baby Undies.

I’m preparing for their revolution any day now. If laundry can figure out how to procreate, they can certainly organize themselves into a mutiny.

image: morguefile

Renew His Strength, Lord

From Facebook: This photo was taken on a Compassion International trip David worked on in 2007 (in Nairobi, Kenya).

I continue to check for news about my friend, David Hames, who remains buried beneath the crumpled Hotel Montana in Haiti.

This week has affected me in ways I never expected.

I wasn’t best friends with David in college and had lost touch with him until last year. Yet I am consumed with his experience and burdened for his safety. I am pretty much obsessed with his plight.

You know what I think it is? It’s God.

I’m sure others have been in similar situations (maybe during 9/11 or another large-scale tragedy), but this is a first for me. This is the first time a major news event has had microscopic proportions—the first time a news event has become personal.

And so, in the middle of this tragedy, God’s people are rallying. God’s people are crying out. God’s people are encouraging one another.

And it’s amazing.

I am exhilarated by the unity of our voices in begging for our friend. I am encouraged by the solidarity of our purpose in rescuing David. I am touched that David—a long-lost friend who, for all intents and purposes, is now a stranger to me—has such a community of God-honoring Christ-lovers interceding on his behalf.

The family of God is anonymous and instantly recognizable all at the same time. How wonderful Heaven will be: a great family reunion of strangers, yet kinfolk!

What I’m trying to say is that my faith has been strengthened in this ordeal. My belief, my hope, my courage in the Lord have been confirmed time and again by these living, breathing, “great clouds of witnesses” on earth right now.

Friends, we are waiting. But we serve a God who waits for nothing.

I’ve been thinking of those times of waiting where: 1. God delivered; and 2. God’s ultimate good purpose was fulfilled. A few examples:

Even now, we eagerly anticipate our Lord’s return
Friends of David, it’s a blessing to wait and pray with you. 
Let us continue without ceasing.

Lord God, 
We pray David’s (and all those trapped in earthquake rubble) waiting will soon come to an end. We pray his wait from your hand of providence will show all your glorious good purposes.
In Christ’s name we pray, Amen. 

But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength;
they shall mount up with wings like eagles;
they shall run and not be weary;
they shall walk and not faint.

—Isaiah 40:31 (ESV)

Pray for David

I’m not sure how to begin this post.

All I can think of tonight is that an old college friend, David Hames, is about to begin his eighth day buried—trapped—caged in mountains of concrete, dirt, and dust. Can he see light? Is he hurt? Does he, in fact, have food and water with him?

David is awaiting rescue from the rubble of the Hotel Montana in Haiti.

Since late last week, when I first heard of David’s situation, I’ve been preoccupied with his situation. I’ve been maniacally checking my friends’ Facebook pages for updates. I’ve been praying and asking for prayer and posting requests for prayer.

I can’t get his wife and two preschool aged kids (whom I’ve never met) out of my mind.

I met David Hames probably in the fall of 1990. I don’t remember exactly, but he posted something on Facebook that helps me point to that time period. We worked together at the college television station.

He was a broadcast production major, and I was a broadcast journalism major. I don’t have specific memories of him. Instead, he’s a constant fixture when I think back on those days. I remember he was funny, talented, and cute. I’m sure I had a slight crush on him, attracted no doubt by the mullet (that all the cute boys had, I might add).

My senior year I was news director and he worked as production manager (I think). At any rate, we were on the “leadership team” at the campus TV station together.

After graduation, we lost touch. We reconnected last year on Facebook. I was so impressed with David when I saw his accomplishments. He had stayed in video production and thrived. Last year he produced a Christian preschool children’s video.

And after exchanging the “congratulations” and “how are yous?” that are typical on Facebook, I honestly didn’t think much more about David Hames.

Until last week.

While reading my news feed, I noticed a mutual friend’s post mentioned that David had been in Haiti on a video shoot when the earthquake hit. He was missing.

It’s been a monitored vigil ever since.

I ask my readers for prayers. I am confident God hears our prayers. We do not know how or when he will answer but we do know that God is good. 

Lord God, 
Rescue our friend. Protect his health until help comes. Comfort his wife and children. 
In Christ’s name,