4 Simple Steps to Stress-free Homemaking

stress-free homemaking

I’m constantly looking for new ideas to improve my homemaking skills. I’m not very good at homemaking, I must confess.

Laundry? Ugh. I’m always behind.

Cleaning the bathrooms? They are usually a mess.

Organization, time management, budgeting? Oh, man. I struggle with all of these.

So, when I discovered this mini-ecourse, I was thrilled! I thought you may find it helpful, too. It’s free! Plus you’ll get a free downloadable PDF with each lesson to help you implement in real life what you’ve learned.

4 Simple Steps to Stress-Free Homemaking

In these four videos, you’ll learn:

  • How to overcome laundry overwhelm and stay on top of laundry for good
  • How to conquer a messy kitchen and a sink full of dirty dishes
  • The 3 daily “must-do” tasks, which will keep your home on track
  • The key to making it all work well with your family

Just click the picture and get instant access now. Make sure you leave me a comment and let me know how you’ll make changes in your own homemaking routines.

stress-free homemaking

Disclosure: I am not a medical doctor. Any statements made on this blog about essential oil use are not meant to treat, diagnose, or cure any condition. My statements about essential oils are my opinion and are based upon my own experiences and research.

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Waiting for Empty Laundry Baskets

Waiting for Empty Laundry BasketsDoing laundry drives me a little bit crazy.

Tell me you get this. I mean, we wash, we wear, we wash, we wear. Over. And over. And over again.

The monotony of household chores, in general, bores me to tears. More than once, I’ve raised my hands to God to say, “Why? Why the same thing over and over?”

My family members, especially, are not good stewards of their dirty laundry. They do not alert me to stubborn stains. They do not separate whites and colors as they stack dirty clothes in piles. My daughter often wears layers and pulls everything off at once, leaving me a tangled mess to unravel at the washer—socks and inside-out pants, underwear, tanks, and tees. And my husband rolls up all his dirty clothes at once into a ball. I have often found a surprise black sock in a load of whites because it was tucked into an undershirt.

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Disclosure: I am not a medical doctor. Any statements made on this blog about essential oil use are not meant to treat, diagnose, or cure any condition. My statements about essential oils are my opinion and are based upon my own experiences and research.

I occasionally feature affiliate links in my blog posts. Should you follow my link and make a purchase or join a membership website, I will be compensated for my referral.

I Am Laundress: Hear Me Roar

But—not anymore. 
That’s right. For risk of having to eat my words, I proudly proclaim here and now: 
I have conquered my laundry! 
I know. I know. It’s exciting, isn’t it? 
Here’s my secret: I do one load of laundry every day. Every day. No matter how small. 

(I realize that for some of you, this may be intuitive. Not me, though. So, I’m really excited by this epiphany.)

A few weeks ago, we got a new washing machine when our old one stopped draining. Our new machine has an automatic water level sensor and an awesome spin cycle. So, here’s the thing: I don’t feel guilty about washing a small load because I’m not wasting water. 
The smaller load is then spun so well (and it’s smaller), the drying time is lessened. The fewer pieces, then, take less time to fold and put away. 
I am thrilled I’m finally getting on top of my laundry. 
I was thinking about this: a simple method of eating one’s elephant a bite at a time, consistently. But, it’s not a method set in stone. I think that must be key for me. Schedules become counter-productive for me because I feel suffocated by them. I must have flexibility. So, a routine is important: I may do my laundry in the morning or in the evening, watching HGTV or talking on the phone. I need that tiny shred of control. 
I have tried schedules and systems and philosophies, ad nauseum, when it comes to housekeeping tasks. None of them seems to stick.

I have decided that in order to see growth and productivity, I must never feel coerced by my schedule or system. I must have flexibility within parameters.

And I must embrace the “baby step” mentality.

Oh, I’m learning a lot about myself as I wander through adulthood. Who would have thought laundry could teach me so much?

What about you? How do you feel about schedules vs. routines? What works for you in your home?

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Around the Block: Saturday Stumbles

I’m still giddy with excitement and my brain is buzzing after last weekend’s Savvy Blogging Summit. One of the things I’ve decided to do more consistently with my blog is to participate in Saturday Stumbles at It’s Come 2 This. Visit her site to find some other great bloggers and their recommendations.

What I’ve been reading this week:

Laundry Schmaundry!

If you’re like me, you, too, wrestle with your laundry: finding/making the time to do it, doing it properly, or creating a new routine.

Guess what? One of my new friends, Lauren, has a blog about LAUNDRY! I met Lauren last weekend at the Summit and was really blown away to meet someone who:

  1. loved laundry and 
  2. decided to devote an entire blog to the chore! 

In Lauren, I had met my match-made-in-homekeeping-heaven!

Mama’s Laundry Talk is a super-helpful and practical blog, plus Lauren is a real delight! Go visit Mama’s Laundry Talk for tips, insights, and help on all-things laundry.

A Greasy Way to Save?

Who doesn’t want to save an extra penny or two? How much you spend on hair products? Well, why don’t you consider going shampoo-free? That’s right. Just. stop. shampooing. your. hair.

You’re crazy, you say? Well, check out this essay on the “no-poo ‘do”. The post tells you exactly how to care for your “no-poo ‘do” and cites the myriad benefits of getting the gunk out of your hair. It appeals to me as a busy mom because that’s one less thing I’d have to do in the 10 5 minutes I actually get in the bathroom during the grooming routine.

Let me know what you think and if you’d try it. (If you DO try it, come back here and let us know how it worked.)

Shameless plugs (I am compensated to work on the publicity teams for the following authors and their books. I am also a paid affiliate for Amazon and do receive a small commission on sales based upon my recommendations)

This summer, I’m helping four authors with their social media and blogging efforts. Please check out their blogs, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Frank Santora has written a book called Turn It Around, which is chock full of encouragement for persons going through tough times (who’s not going through tough times?). I know you’ll find perseverance in the pages of this book as Frank points you to the hope in Christ.

My Grandmother is … praying for me is an awesome new daily devotional written by three grandmothers—Kathy March, Pam Ferriss, and Susan Kelton—for grandmothers. It takes the reader through the book of Proverbs with Scripture, prayers, and activities.

Go check out their blogs, leave a comment, and tell a friend!

What have you read this week that’s insightful, interesting, or surprising?

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Around the Block: Pardon My Mess!

As you can see, The Writer’s Block is under construction. With my Christmas money, I bought a new blog design! Some girls dream of shoes and bags or makeup and jewelry. Not me. I fantasize about my blog.

So, anyway, I think it’s still in progress and needs some tweaking here and there. I’ll let you know when it’s all finished and everything is in its right spot.


This week has been heart-wrenching as I’ve continued to keep online vigil for my friend, David Hames. As of tonight, he remains missing in Haiti. Hope remains alive, however, since a man was found alive today–14 days after the earthquake. I am praying constantly for his rescue. I think it would be an incredible testimony to God’s gracious glory if this man is found alive. I pray so, anyway.

Grammar alert: It’s time for my every-so-often grammar correction public service announcement

The word, between, is only used when talking about two entities. The word, among, is used when talking about more than two entities. So, please note:

I must choose between the two books. (Correct)
She shares her books between the four family members. (Incorrect)
She shares her books among the four family members. (Correct)

You’re welcome.


I’m convinced my laundry is procreating behind my back. Mama Sock and Daddy Sock are having Baby Socks, while Mama Sweater and Daddy Sweater are spawning Baby Shirts, Baby Pajamas, and Baby Undies.

I’m preparing for their revolution any day now. If laundry can figure out how to procreate, they can certainly organize themselves into a mutiny.

image: morguefile

Moms: Does Eternity Influence You?

If you read this blog with any regularity, you may conclude that I hate doing laundry.

And you would be correct.

In fact, I despise housework pretty much altogether. And I’m not terribly good at it, either. (I am desperately trying to “fly” with FlyLady, though.)

The hardest part of being a homemaker/mother/wife, I think, is doing the same things over and over and over again. And waking up the next day and doing them over and over and over again. Again. And, again.

Does any of it really matter?

My friend, Jennifer, once posted about how even taking care of the family’s basic necessities is a blessing to them and glorifies God.

She’s right, of course. But we forget. And we get trapped in our humanity and the immediacy of this world. At least I do, anyway.

If you ever feel this way, you MUST read this post from John Piper. He so beautifully speaks of the mother’s work as eternal work and how every little thing is just a part of the bigger picture to come.

We were created for more. Bigger. Better. Future. More.

A Laundry Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, a girl and a boy met and married and set up house in a small apartment in Green Hills. The girl and the boy loved their home even though they didn’t have a washer/dryer hook-up inside their unit.

But, alas, the community laundry room was in the building just across from theirs. Every week, the girl would load up all of their laundry (usually on a Wednesday afternoon), detergent bottles, and a handful of quarters, and wash their laundry—three loads simultaneously.

The week’s laundry was usually finished within a couple of hours, always by dinnertime.

Then the boy and the girl eventually had three children and got their own washer and dryer. The girl now has more than ten loads of laundry every week. She swears the piles of dirty clothes spontaneously multiply when she’s not looking, and she’s certain she’s heard discarded pants and tops and socks mocking her, “Nah-nah-nuh-nahnah! We’re bigger than you are.”

Never a free moment from the tyranny of laundry.

And so, the story continues. The girl frequently finds herself longing for the days of three-loads-a-week in the community laundry room at that cute little apartment complex in Green Hills.

And they all lived happily (?) ever after.