A Little Bit of This; A Little Bit of That

If you like curry and/or Indian food, give this dish a try! It’s from the Crockpot lady’s website. The author of this website vowed to use her crockpot everyday of the year in 2008. Well, she did, and she blogged about it everyday. I love her blog.

Tonight we had her dish, and Chris loved it. The flavors were very good, and the veggies gave a nice texture and taste … PLUS we ate things we usually don’t eat and I would never dream of throwing together (chick peas, sweet potato, eggplant). Trust me, it’s good. Susanna even loved it (well, OK… she just ate the chicken, but she liked the flavors).

If you’re looking for something new, cook this one.


I’m so hot. It’s been in the mid-90s today with the heat index near 100. I don’t think our A/C has stopped running all day. The thermostat has consistently read 78 or higher, even with all the ceiling fans going. I hate being hot. I hate being sweaty. I love having the A/C cranked low and being cool. The worse thing, I believe, is sweating all night and waking up with sticky wet hair and p.j.s. Anyway, it’s hot.


I did like at least 8 loads of laundry today (washed/dried/folded–almost put away). I can’t remember the last time I was able to do back to back laundry. Every tablecloth/sheet/towel/mattress cover was dirty PLUS the normal stuff. I think I have one more load then I’ll be caught up to where the only things dirty are the clothes we’re wearing. I love that. And I enjoy it for about 24 hours before the piles start forming again. I feel like I’m always fighting with the laundry and the laundry always wins. (It taunts me and giggles and cackles at me from the recesses of the laundry room…)


Pondering today the meaning of the biblical call to being my husband’s helper. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve really meditated on that role and what it looks like in my life. This post got me thinking along those lines.


Every once in awhile I come up with a really brilliant idea. Well, I have to say that my idea to hire my 12-year-old next door neighbor to be a Mommy’s Helper for the summer has been one of my best to date! Angie has now come over two weeks. We have her schedule mapped out for the summer, which amounts to one day/week for about 4 hours each visit (there’s a few weeks she’s out of town). I pay her $5/hour for playing with the kids, watching them, helping them with whatever they need help with, doing crafts, reading, and so on. I’m at home working, so close by if she needs something, but I’m getting stuff done! She gets some great hands-on babysitting experience. The kids absolutely love her, and she’s so great with them. She’s very mature, very conscientious. I am just so thrilled with our arrangement and look forward to a long babysitting relationship with Angie.


I Suffer From Amnesia

I’ve decided there are a few things in life that we would NEVER do again if we truly remembered what our last time was like.

Take parenting. God gives us all amnesia concerning puking our guts up with morning sickness, labor pains, sleep deprivation, post-partum depression, and the agony of teaching a baby to sleep. We forget and we do it all over again. And sometimes again and again.

Moving would fall into this category. For some, going back to school or painting a room would qualify.

I’m convinced that I also suffer from amnesia when it comes to consignment and yard sales. Every time I prepare my junk to sell, I think, why did I sign up to do this again? Every time I’m working the sale, with aching feet and going on little sleep because I was up late the night before, I think, what was I thinking? When it’s time to clean up and put up and haul home or haul away the unsold items I think, I don’t think that was worth it. Afterward, when I count the money I made (which is always less than I had imagined) I wonder, why did I do this?

And then the opportunity rolls around again, and my amnesia kicks in. I giddily sign up to be a consignment “seller” or start fantasizing about the yard full of my possessions and hoards of shoppers offering me thousands of dollars to cart off my stuff.

This spring, I guess my amnesia has escalated to a full psychosis because I am actually ORGANIZING our neighborhood yard sale in May.

Yep. That amnesia is a pretty powerful force not easily reckoned with.

Thanks for Voting in the Boys’ Room Poll

Poll Results for When Will Mary Finish Work on the Boys’ Room?

3 votes for “by Labor Day”
1 vote for “after Thanksgiving but before Christmas”
3 votes for “sometime in 2009”
1 vote for “the boys will be in college before the room is finished”

OK–well, to the three of you optimistic friends, sorry to say that I won’t make the Labor Day benchmark, since it’s tomorrow. The room looks EXACTLY the way it did 3.5 weeks ago.

To my other voters: Thanks for playing. I really think it will be “sometime in 2009.” I will keep you posted, as I know many of you are dying of curiosity to see the finished product.

Home Improvement… or Something Like That

On July 20, I got the boys’ closet cleaned out to get ready to install their new closet organizing system.

Oh, wait. Let me back up. I actually purchased the closet system LAST YEAR. That’s right. I got it in May 2007. It’s just taken me this long to begin the installation process. (I’m not going to mention how no one in my family is as excited about closet organization as I and is, therefore, not motivated much at all to prioritize cleaning out closets.)

OK. So back to the home improvement.

I cleaned out the closet last week. Then decided that before I install the closet organizer, I really need to paint the closet. This of course meant I had to decide paint colors, get the paint, patch all the holes in the wall, tape the edges, then paint.

So, this week, I got all of that done! Woohoo! Yippee!

Except that I ran out of paint. So, I have a kinda-sorta-painted-and-splotchy closet. And since I have to drive all the way to Belle Meade to get the type of paint that I want (Benjamin Moore Aura), it’s really quite a jaunt. And since I have three kids who are uber-fascinated with anything the least bit out of the ordinary (like, I don’t know, making the walls a new color), there’s no way in you-know-where that I would attempt any further work on this project until they are out of the house.

I really don’t know when I’ll get this done. It helps that I’m an extremely patient person and really do enjoy the process of it all. Considering the boys have one more week of preschool then don’t return until after Labor Day, I’m thinking it may be St. Patrick’s Day before the room is all finished. (By the way, I have grandiose creative ideas for their room. I’ll keep you posted how that goes and post pictures, of course.)

I’d love you to vote in my poll. When do YOU think I’ll get the boys’ room done?

Why does life have to be so complicated?

"I so tired!"

Seth’s signature comment these days is, “I so tired.” Picture if you will the drooping head, the slumped shoulders for dramatic effect. Hear the exhalation on the word, “tired.” See the shuffle of the feet.

I know exactly how he feels.

No matter what I’m trying to accomplish, I’ve realized it requires a great deal of energy and hard work. “I so tired.”

I wish I had more of the temperament of my husband. Chris is a very linear person. He tackles life day to day. He approaches tasks and goals based on reality and energy level. I don’t sense that he ever seems overwhelmed. Should he become overwhelmed, then he just knocks something off his “to-do” list. Very practical.

I, on the other hand, continually add to my list. I’m so circular that I’m global. I don’t feel productive unless I’m working on one project and have at least 15 others to go. This works OK until I just kinda crash and burn from all the spinning wheels when I, too, say, “I so tired.”

So, lately, I’m tired from:

  • trying to lose weight and stick to a new diet plan
  • trying to save a gajillion dollars every week at the grocery store by playing The Grocery Game, clipping coupons, and strategically planning meals that are inexpensive, easy, and healthy (impossible!)
  • trying to make a gajillion dollars by working my Melaleuca business and writing
  • trying to wrangle 3 kids who are bored
  • trying to keep a house running (you know: food, laundry, stains on the carpet, and so on—never-ending)
  • dealing with the mental anguish of not having started all those projects I had high hopes of completing this summer

OK. Now it’s time for a nap.