The Job Saga of 2013

So, it’s been three years since I’ve blogged here and you’d think I would choose some happy or funny or thought-provoking post to “resurrect” my entries.

But, no. See, I’ve begun a few of those posts but haven’t finished them quite yet.

Instead, I choose to tell you a long tale of misery and woe, of lies and deceit, of hope and peace.

Hmmm …. sounds like a plot line for a daytime soap, doesn’t it?

The Short Version

For those of you who just want the facts, here they are:

Chris received a signed offer letter and accepted a job offer in mid-July with a start date of August 1. His start date was repeatedly pushed back with excuse after excuse until it was September 8. After talking with the VP, he discovered that the job did not exist and the offer letter was a forged fake.

So, Chris needs a new job with full benefits, a robust salary, stability, and a future.

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