Reflections on 2009 and The Last Decade

Goodbye, 2009. Hello, 2010.

First, a few reflections on the last decade:

Ten years ago, I was less than a year into an editorial position at a Nashville publishing house. Little did I realize that job would directly and indirectly lead to my success at becoming a paid writer (something I’ve dreamed of since elementary school). Truly, that position was from God and all the steps since then have been orchestrated by him.

Chris and I were still living in our small apartment in Green Hills and loving. every. minute. of. it. We have such sweet memories of our home there. We had a new dog and were thinking of buying our first home. Having kids was still distant on our desire list but a consideration, nonetheless.
I’ve been in my thirties for this decade. They have far surpassed my twenties. This decade:

  • We’ve moved twice and owned two homes. 
  • We’ve had three children.
  • I’ve been published in a national magazine and been paid for my writing. 
  • I’ve gained and lost hundreds of pounds total with pregnancies and Weight Watchers.
  • Interestingly, we’ve been at the same church for the entire decade. The membership of believers in that congregation has more than sustained us through the ups and downs of stressful jobs and parenting. Weekly, our faith is nurtured. I’m so glad to see the benefits of the consistency of our relationship with Christ. 

And now, for my year in review through the words of my blog:

This is my 114th post for 2009. I exceeded my posts for 2008 but didn’t quite double my post numbers.

In January, I’d had enough of the school car hook-up line and vented about it. We got a new member of the family, while Susanna’s theological prowess increased.

My kitchen appliances and I did not get along well in February, and my twins began the fine art of manipulation.

March, April, and May were hectic and busy, and I didn’t blog much at all. We had birthdays to celebrate and yard sales to organize and ear infections to diagnose.

In June, I wrote about my struggles with beautiful and perfect-looking moms in the preschool parking lot. I still have people mention that post to me. I was reprimanded at the library, further proving my point that our branch library is the armpit of Bellevue. 

The first mention of my awareness that I’ll be 40 soon came in July. I got a lot of comments on Facebook when I wrote about why we tell our kids the anatomical names of their private parts.

During the last few months of the year, my blogging picked up. I became interested in writing more, building an audience, and using my blog for an expressive, creative outlet (not just as a family scrapbook of sorts). In August, I wrote about Miley Cyrus and her disappointing display at the Teen Choice Awards.

I evaluated my summer and brought justice to a decades-old unfair situation in September. But, the most important event of that month was by far my being de-friended, blocked, and kicked out of a cyber community. That type of response can only mean one thing, I reasoned: that I had finally arrived as a writer.

In October, I began my TULIP Tuesday postings on Calvinism and delivered a confession that surprised some of you. 

It was November before I posted my ideas about Christians and Halloween (because that’s the way I roll; I still haven’t mailed my Christmas cards). I had a real celebrity sighting, shared some sweet time with my daughter, and participated in NaBloPoMo (I posted every day of the month and still have a hard time believing I actually pulled it off).

In December, I had my first guest post and I realized my boys have finally reached a new level of maturity. December started with bad news but also with abiding hope. It ended with my shopping with Mavis and Daryl at Wal-Mart.

Thanks for reading The Writer’s Block in 2009. Your reading, commenting, and participation are appreciated and make the blogging experience that much more dynamic for me.