Migraine Headaches? Maybe It’s Your Gall Bladder

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For much of my adult life, I’ve suffered with headaches.

I’ve had tension and stress headaches brought on by a variety of things, including changes in the weather, hormonal shifts, second-hand cigarette smoke, and obnoxious perfumes and potpourris.

Within the last few years, however, I have suffered from almost debilitating migraine headaches. My doctor and I have tried to trouble-shoot the headaches every which way. I stopped taking hormonal forms of birth control and watched if common food triggers might be a problem.

Nothing seemed to shed any light on my headache issues. They would come and go at will with no rhyme or reason.

I had just sort of resigned myself to being at the mercy of a migraine headache (when and if it decided to appear) and hoped I could get the Imitrex or Maxalt (prescription pain relievers) into my system as soon as possible after noticing that first pain.

But everything started to change for me earlier this year.

Pain, Pain, Go Away!

After feeling that I had been putting myself in last place for too, too long, I decided in January to invest in my health and well-being.

Our family began using essential oils and enjoyed immediate success in many areas of health and well-being.

I decided also to see a chiropractor and nutritionist. The headaches were still a pain (pun intended) and I was having issues with my under-functioning thyroid, lethargy, achy joints, and my weight.

At the first consultation, I told him about my headaches. My headaches are usually always above my right eye with pain going across the top of my head and down into my ear.

He immediately said, “Gall bladder. Headaches on the right side of the head are usually gall bladder-related.”

What? I thought.

Soon thereafter, he did muscle testing that recommended I avoid gluten.

So, for a couple of weeks now, I’ve been avoiding gluten and processed foods, taking supplements, and using oils. I’ve been feeling better and best of all—no headaches!

But this last week, I wheeled into the chiropractor’s office with a raging headache. I explained to him—once again—how the pain had settled behind my right eye and down into my ear. He immediately started addressing my gall bladder with adjustments and massage. At the end of my session, I felt much better.

Confession: I had been way off my gluten-free, non-processed diet for the week or so leading up to the headache. My chiropractor confirmed that the Chinese food and cheeseburger I had eaten last week were probably to blame for the gall bladder congestion. In addition to gluten, he added I need to avoid fatty fried and spicy foods, too.

I am not a medical doctor nor a licensed anything. But I am a woman who has suffered from migraine headaches. I can now look at my diet and notice a correlation between eating junk and having painful headaches. I’m in a learning process, for sure. That’s why I’m sharing this post today. If you’re looking for answers for your headaches, maybe this will help.

5 Tips For Migraine Headache Relief

If you, too, suffer from headaches—especially on the right side of your head—consider that it may be that your diet is aggravating and congesting your gall bladder. Try these natural interventions to see if your headaches become less frequent, less painful, or—hopefully—disappear altogether:

1. Avoid foods made with gluten. (You may also want to avoid other known foods that cause sensitivities, though I have not. These may include dairy, eggs, soy, alcohol, caffeine, etc.)

2. Drink 3-4 drops of lemon, orange, grapefruit, and/or peppermint essential oils in water or herbal tea daily. (I only use and recommend Young Living essential oils for ingestion. And only drink beverages with essential oils from a glass container. You can find my favorite glass water bottle here.)

3. Rub 2-3 drops Citrus Fresh and peppermint essential oils (layer the oils, using peppermint last) onto your gall bladder after a heavy meal and/or when you feel a headache coming on. Repeat on the bottoms of your feet.

4. Take a detox bath made with Epsom salts and your favorite essential oil. If you’re battling a headache, I’d probably recommend peppermint. If you need relaxation and sleep, use lavender or Peace & Calming. Here’s a great recipe for detox bath salts.

5. Try other supplements. Young Living offers many products that can help offer support for your gall bladder. I haven’t used all of these myself, simply because I’m trying to address my problems more on the prevention and nutrition angle. But I know they have helped many people with similar issues:

  • M-Grain™ – a blend of basil, marjoram, lavender, peppermint, Roman chamomile, and helichrysum essential oils
  • Aroma Siez™ – a relaxing blend of basil, marjoram, lavender, peppermint, and cypress essential oils
  • Deep Relief – specially formulated with peppermint, wintergreen, copal, and palo santo essential oils
  • PanAway – a blend of wintergreen, helichrysum, clove, and peppermint essential oils
  • GLF™ – a blend of powerful oils including helichrysum, spearmint, and celery

For more answers to your questions about using essential oils for headache relief and/or gall bladder issues, check out Oil-Testimonials.com. And many of the oils mentioned above are included in the Premium Starter Kit from Young Living. Find out more here.

If you, too, are a headache sufferer, I do pray you find relief. Leave me a comment and let me know how you deal with migraine headaches.

Photo Credit: mislav-m via Compfight cc