Menu Plan Monday

October 26-November 1

This week is really unusual because I’m beginning a new eating and “lifestyle” program, Transitions. It’s a low-glycemic eating plan and the first week is a de-tox/cleanse week (more on this later). So, my eating this week is mainly fruits and veggies. I’m trying to make things that we all can eat and/or some things that I can easily supplement for the family and have a “complete” meal.

I will post recipes later, too.

Monday-Chicken Veggie Soup

(for me): mixed Italian veggies

Wednesday-Pot Roast and veggies
(for me): veggies and salad

Thursday-Chicken Fajitas, black beans
(for me): fajita veggies, salsa, salad

(for me): roasted veggies

Saturday-BBQ chicken, broc/caul/carrot medley
(for me): veggies and baked sweet potato

Sunday-out to eat