Just … Um … Hello

I’m still here.
I’m just busy.

And going through many transitions. Chief among them is a huge change for our church of ten years. We are tiny, and our church officers have decided to merge with another church in our Presbytery. Our family is having a hard time with this change.

Hard. Time.

As soon as I’ve processed this a little bit more, I’ll be posting here about it.


I have about three other posts in draft form that I need to finish up for you. I also have some great films on DVD for review and giveaways. Look for those next week.


And I hope you’re reading my posts over at Faithful Bloggers. I am enjoying writing in a focused manner on a specific topic. This week, we’re discussing discovering your blog’s purpose. If you are a Christian and you have a blog (or would like to start a blog), check out Faithful Bloggers. Subscribe to the feed and the newsletter.

Image: morguefile (This photo has nothing to do with this post. I just liked it because it makes me happy.)