I Suffer From Amnesia

I’ve decided there are a few things in life that we would NEVER do again if we truly remembered what our last time was like.

Take parenting. God gives us all amnesia concerning puking our guts up with morning sickness, labor pains, sleep deprivation, post-partum depression, and the agony of teaching a baby to sleep. We forget and we do it all over again. And sometimes again and again.

Moving would fall into this category. For some, going back to school or painting a room would qualify.

I’m convinced that I also suffer from amnesia when it comes to consignment and yard sales. Every time I prepare my junk to sell, I think, why did I sign up to do this again? Every time I’m working the sale, with aching feet and going on little sleep because I was up late the night before, I think, what was I thinking? When it’s time to clean up and put up and haul home or haul away the unsold items I think, I don’t think that was worth it. Afterward, when I count the money I made (which is always less than I had imagined) I wonder, why did I do this?

And then the opportunity rolls around again, and my amnesia kicks in. I giddily sign up to be a consignment “seller” or start fantasizing about the yard full of my possessions and hoards of shoppers offering me thousands of dollars to cart off my stuff.

This spring, I guess my amnesia has escalated to a full psychosis because I am actually ORGANIZING our neighborhood yard sale in May.

Yep. That amnesia is a pretty powerful force not easily reckoned with.