I Am Tired, Part 2

“We need just a few more volunteers. Do any of you want to help?”

No, I think. Lady, I’m just here to take pictures and watch and have no responsibility.

I felt like such a cranky b**ch this morning. But for today? I just didn’t want to do anything.

I attended my daughter’s big race at school for one hour this morning. Apparently, the organizers were short-handed on volunteers for lap-counting or they hadn’t scheduled enough people or someone didn’t show or something. Whatever the reason, the lady approached a small group of us moms standing there waiting for the race to start and asked for help.

I didn’t jump at the chance. I didn’t offer to help. I just stood there.

Ordinarily, that’s not my personality at all. I am the volunteer of volunteers. I REALLY enjoy helping. I like being part of a team to do anything. I’m a joiner. I was a member of everything in high school and college (seriously) and held a leadership office in most any organization of which I’ve ever been a part.

(Except organized sports. I don’t have an athletic or competitive bone in my body.)

As this week squeaks to a halt, however, I’m confronted with my limits. I am exhausted. I think I’m a bit over-committed (which is nothing new; I’ve been over-committed since I came out of the womb) and honestly, I don’t know what to do about it.

I guess refusing to help monitor the race was a good place to start? Hmmmm.

Here’s what our week was like (and we aren’t the busiest family by any stretch):

  • Preschool fall festival party-Friday
  • Basketball cheerleading signup-Saturday morning
  • Trick-or-Treating-Saturday night
  • Church-Sunday morning
  • Cruise on the Cumberland River-Sunday afternoon
  • Dinner out with church group-Sunday night
  • Van wouldn’t start and was in the shop for two days
  • Girl scouts meeting-Tuesday night
  • Run to the grocery store for ingredients for school bake sale goods-Tuesday night during GS meeting
  • Bake muffins-Wednesday night
  • Deliver muffins-Thursday morning
  • Spaghetti supper at school-Thursday night
  • Race at school-Friday morning
  • Work, work, work, and work-Thursday night I was up until 1 a.m.

So, Lady At The Race Today, if you ask me to help next year, maybe you’ll catch me at a time when I’m a bit more rested and not so overwhelmed.

Or maybe not.

I think this is one reason why my friend Jennifer chose to homeschool this year.