Hook-up Line Hell

I love the school hook-up line in theory and mostly in reality.

I am a very patient person, so I don’t mind sitting. I crave quiet, so I love a quiet car. I can always find something to do, so I love the few minutes I have when I can listen to the radio, flip through a magazine, or make a phone call.

But when the hook-up line goes wrong… well, it gets ugly.

Now, I’m quite the rule-follower. I really want to maintain the integrity of hook-up line etiquette. But, people, if you don’t TELL me, then I can’t follow your rules. Right? Right.

So, as a result of poor communication (and poor timing?) at my daughter’s school, I have violated several hook-up line rules. Getting out of my car too soon. Getting out of my car too late. Holding up the line.

I have been yelled at by the hook-up line monitors. I have been the object of other drivers’ wrath, even though I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong. I have received the ugly glares, the waving hands, the shaking heads.

Now, I have also witnessed others’ doing whatever THEY want, also violating the so-called “rules” and procedures. Are they ignorant as I or just getting away with hook-up line indiscretions?

I’d lobby for hook-up line reform if I knew where to start. I suppose I’ll continue to suffer the consequences of hook-up line ignorance sprinkled with an honest mistake every now and then. I’ll just vent here, pondering how something so simple could go so wrong.