Bellevue’s TJ Maxx on a Sunday Afternoon

I ventured out to TJ Maxx this afternoon because—really?—I needed some new undies and there’s no where in Bellevue to buy such items anymore since the mall closed.

Now, TJ Maxx on a Sunday afternoon is kind of an odd place.

Lots of MEN following around women, which in and of itself isn’t terribly unusual (except my husband would rather have his nose hairs plucked one-by-one than be forced to trail me through TJ Maxx).

But these men were shuffling through the LINGERIE section. With their wives. I did a double-take when I saw cute little middle-aged Mister Rogers-looking man holding a blue lacy 34B bra.


I overheard another woman trying to convince her husband that they needed a new set of mixing bowls (orange as they were).


I found chocolate-covered pretzels in the size 7 high heels area and leather gloves on the ladies’ blouse clearance rack. I almost tripped over a pile of home goods that had been discarded in the shoe section.

(OK. Which reminds me of one night when I was shopping at Kroger. A woman was picking up a “few things” without the use of a cart or a basket. As I entered the checkout lane, she was nearing the front of the store and suddenly became distraught. “Where are my groceries?” She frantically asked a checker. “I left my groceries right THERE.” She pointed at the end of one of the checkout aisles. Like at a spot on the floor.

Ummm. I don’t know, Lady. Like maybe someone who works here put them AWAY, since the store is about to close. ‘Ya think?

She actually kept muttering, “That’s so strange. I left them right there. I wonder what happened to them?”

Had she only been at TJ Maxx, they would still be there causing browsers like me to stumble while trying to find new shoes.)

So, anywho, the store was incredibly warm today, which, as you know, really bothers me and makes the whole trip terribly unpleasant. But I DID find:

  • new athletic shoes (since my old ones were WAYYYYY too small)
  • new black clog-looking casual shoes
  • undies (6 pair for $4!)
  • a cute little “sign” (vintage-y looking art)
  • a really cool lamp that was missing a shade (I can get a shade) and was $16, marked down from $35
  • T-shirts for the boys on clearance that I will wrap for Christmas

Oh, and some dude in a flannel shirt sneezed a lung out on me. No joke. I just tried to hold my breath and doused myself in hand sanitizer at the first opportunity.