Alien Abduction?

I didn’t sleep well at all last night. All of the kids were up and down, about every hour on the hour. We woke up with Seth in our bed and Susanna asleep in the chair in our room. This is really brutal, considering the boys were wide awake and ready to start the day by 4:45. This, in spite of the fact that I KNOW they didn’t sleep well at all.

Anyway—one of the more exciting adventures of the night was with Spencer. He came to our door crying hysterically. I kept trying to figure out what was wrong. So, I just walked him back to bed, tucked him in, pulled up the covers. He was still crying. Please, please don’t wake up Seth.

I was about to crawl into bed with him to snuggle. Then I noticed it.

Oh, no! He’s been abducted by aliens!

His nose was bleeding. Blood was all over his face.

I have very little experience with nosebleeds. I never had them and the other children haven’t had them.

But I am quite familiar with Scully’s plight on the X-Files. Her frequent nosebleeds were the first sign that aliens had abducted her and put some type of cancer-causing chip in her neck.

Anywho, Scully was cured. And Spencer’s nosebleed went away.

And I read in my American Academy of Pediatrics book (at 2 a.m. this morning) about nosebleeds, just to make sure I didn’t need to be really alarmed about something.

Like an alien-placed-cancer-causing chip in Spencer’s neck.

Turns out I didn’t need to.