5 Years With Twins

 November 2009: Spencer (age 4), me, Seth (age 4). Photo by Amy Jacobs Photography.

Last week, my twins turned five years old.

There was a period of time when I absolutely, positively did not think we would all survive the night, much less the next five years.

But, we made it.

Without a doubt the most fascinating thing about being the mother of twins is to look at each of them and “see” the same person but know the intricacies and preferences of each personality. I only hope and pray I adequately nurture and encourage expression of those personalities.

Nothing about parenting twins has been easy. Nothing. I would gladly and willingly throw myself in front of train to rescue my children, but good gravy, those little boogers drive me to the brink of insanity most everyday. In their super-cute and so-adorable-you-could-gobble-them-up ways, of course.

They are funny and smart and love their mother fiercely. They are addicted to chocolate and ketchup (not together, but I know they’d try it if I suggested it).

Most of my memories of the first two years of their lives revolve around Prevacid and acid reflux and carrying a baby in each arm and crying.

Lots and lots of crying. Them and me.

Mostly me. 

 Easter 2006: Seth (left) and Spencer (right), age one.

I don’t remember first steps or first words. I sort of remember first teeth. I vividly remember first days at Mother’s Day Out. (Thank you, Lord, for Mother’s Day Out.)

The highlight of their first year for me (as was with Susanna) was their baptism. The most special act of God’s marking them as members of his family was—and is to this day—incredibly precious to me. I’m so glad I remember the events of that day.

The last three years’ memories are muddy, also. But potty training success in one week (by God’s grace) tops the list. (Thank you, Lord, for quick potty training success.)

Sometimes I will grab their little “lovies”—smooched and rubbed stuffed animals—and just cuddle them. The lovies in those really hard early days were great sources of comfort for them. For me, the lovies still serve that role: a constant, abiding, and unchanging presence, even though the boys are more and more frequently becoming less attached to their lovies.

I am simultaneously heartbroken and ecstatic about that.

Next year they go to kindergarten. While it’s a bittersweet milestone, I’m not terribly sad (at least not yet). I’ve always said I’m not really a “baby mom.” I’m excited to see my little babies grow into rugged boys and responsible young men. Call me crazy, but I think I’m looking forward to the next few years.

Happy birthday, boys. So glad we’ve made it.

November 2009: Susanna (age 6), Seth (age 4) and Spencer (age 4). Photo by Amy Jacobs Photography.
  • Janice Blier

    OK call me crazy, I cried reading this. Yes your family is very blessed and I feel blessed to know you. Heres to the next five years!

  • Thank you, Janice. I appreciate your comments very much.

    I know you know all about it. 😉

  • Anonymous

    Your children are beautiful! Thank you for sharing these pictures of them. Happy birthday to your boys!

  • These photos are darling! And I won’t call you crazy. There’s so much good stuff ahead for us both. Love you!

  • Anonymous

    what a wonderful inspiration! thank you for suggesting that other moms read this. my boys are identical, too. but, only 15 months old…and i do a lot less crying now, but i know all of the feelings you expressed 😉 and many kudos to you for getting them potty trained in a week! please tell me what you did…and how old were they? i have been trying to introduce the potty, but they think of it as a toy to play in and sit on lol.

  • Anonymous

    Happy Belated 5th to your boys! Your children are just beautiful Mary.

    My hat goes off to you for parenting twins…and twin boys at that! 😉

  • Anonymous

    That’s our house in the background! So weird! I need to post pics of how the house looks now. And I’d love to see more pics of how it looked then.
    Congrats to your cuties for turning five! Mine oldest turned five in March. There is only one of her though. 🙂

  • Wonderful to read as I think about my middle child turning 5- ohmy!- next week. And congrats…. I’ve bestowed upon you the Happy 101 Award!

  • Anonymous

    As mom to three year old twins, I GET IT! I love them beyond belief but am so happy to tuck them in every time with my fingers crossed hoping for some quiet time. Yep. I hear you!